About Treedano

Treedano was a concept project that sought to introduce NFTs for mature trees on the Cardano blockchain. Here we explain our next steps.

About Treedano

The Treedano concept is to incentivize property owners to keep their mature trees in the ground by tokenizing them as NFTs on the Cardano blockchain.

What does Treedano do?
Treedano incentivizes mature tree conservation by crowd-sourcing and gamifying the verification of tree locations through a fun mobile app game. Each new tree added to the system will be issued a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on the green Cardano blockchain. Treedano rewards individual property owners,…

Large trees are humanity's best hope for sequestering the overdose of carbon dioxide that is causing climate change but they continue to be cut down at an alarming rate.

What problem is Treedano solving?
Human activity has significantly increased the amount of carbon dioxide in earth’s atmosphere which has led to dramatic climate change. [1] 99.9% of the 88,125 climate-related studies conducted between 1991 and 2020 agree with this statement. [2] While carbon sequestration initiatives offer some p…

Treedano offered an innovative solution to this problem. Unfortunately, we did not acquire seed funding from Cardano's Project Catalyst treasury to bring this concept into reality. Additionally, the Cardano voters decided not to fund climate change specific projects in its next round of grants.

Fortunately, Treedano did garner lots of positive feedback and public attention. The concept itself has proven to have lots of merit. In the process of pitching it we found many synchronicities with kindred projects. Therefore, the Treedano team has decided to continue its R&D within the following complementary initiatives:

1. Centree: financing the protection of old growth forests by turning them into investable, living assets.

2. Regen network: open web3 market and toolkit for carbon credit tokenization projects.