Treedano is a RealFi decentralized application (DApp) built on the green Cardano blockchain. Treedano issues NFTs for mature trees. It implements natural capital accounting to tokenize large trees, reflect their true economic value, and incentivize conservation.

Check out this short post to learn more about natural capital accounting and the problem that Treedano is solving. Then check out this post which explains what Treedano does.

Or watch this short presentation video and in-depth Q&A session that provides a good overview of the Treedano concept:

As discussed in the presentation, Treedano has applied for seed funding from Cardano's Project Catalyst treasury in the Fund 7 round. Our proposal is submitted in the Dapps and Integrations challenge. If you are a registered Catalyst voter then we need your vote to bring the Treedano vision into reality. Please support us!

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