Founder: Peter Van Garderen

Peter's family are cabin owners on beautiful Savary Island, a unique ecological system in British Columbia, Canada. The island is experiencing serious, unregulated deforestation on private properties that should be protected under a legal title covenant. His engagement with the island's land trust led him to develop the Treedano concept.

Peter is a professional archivist and a world-renowned expert in the field of digital records management. He is the founder of the industry-leading Archivematica and AccessToMemory open-source software projects which are used by memory institutions worldwide to preserve and provide access to digital archives collections.

Peter is also the lead developer for the Orcfax project which is developing a trustworthy Cardano oracle using "proofs-of-fact" based on academic record-keeping research. Peter will introduce the Orcfax decentralized record-keeping components as a foundational layer for the Treedano components. These will require trustworthy off-chain recordkeeping and blockchain notarization to prove the veracity of Treedano's NFTs.

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Public relations: Kim Bowie

Kim Bowie is a longtime public relations, marketing and communications professional. She has over fifteen years experience in politics, non-profits, start-ups, film, consumer products, and reality tv. Kim was raised by environmentally-concious parents and was drawn to the personal empowerment that the Treedano vision offers in the sometimes overwhelming climate change challenge.  

Kim's strengths include the ability to quickly integrate new ideas, technologies and techniques. She is able to push the proverbial envelope to find innovative ways to pitch ideas and reach new audiences. This has resulted in tangible success for clients of all sizes, ranging from single-mom startups to non-profits, to globally-recognized technology consumer brands.

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Community ambassador: Moira O'Keeffe

Moira is an avid back-country hiker and skier. Through these experiences she has developed a profound appreciation for forests and nature as well as the individual trees themselves. She is devastated by the brutal clear-cutting of mature trees that are otherwise a place of true solace for countless humans and home to hundreds of flora and fauna species.

Moira has professional experience as a teacher in Fiji and as a construction site first aid and safety officer in Metro Vancouver. Like many of her twenty-something peers, she is equally at home in the world of social media as she is hiking trails in British Columbia's amazing back country and provincial parks. She is eager to combine these skills to help guide user experience and community engagement for the Treedano DApp.

Lead developer: Dorus Van Der Kroft

Dorus is a full stack developer with over twenty years of industry experience delivering projects from start to finish for both start-ups and large enterprises. His broad set of technical skills spans from coding to technical design, to functional design and requirements analysis. He's also received training in the fields of testing and deployment.

Dorus is an expert consultant for the Mendix "low code" platform and he is looking forward to implementing this agile development tool to deliver a Progressive Web App (PWA) implementation of the Treedano mobile DApp.

Cardano4Climate liaison: Melanie Russo

Melanie is an advocate for the preservation of old growth forest ecosystems, like Ada'itsx (Fairy Creek) on Vancouver Island, BC. She is a mother, tree-hugger, and connector. Melanie is one of the co-facilitators of the decentralized action group Cardano4Climate which has made her a respected leader within the Cardano community.

Melanie will be applying her empathetic relation-building skills and Cardano4Climate connections to align Treedano with like-minded stakeholders and compatible projects.