What does Treedano do?

What does Treedano do?

Treedano incentivizes mature tree conservation by crowd-sourcing and gamifying the verification of tree locations through a fun mobile app game. Each new tree added to the system will be issued a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) on the green Cardano blockchain.

Treedano rewards individual property owners, land conservation trusts, and government agencies for helping to battle climate change by keeping their large trees in the ground. Existing mature trees continue to be humanity's best hope for sequestering the overdose of carbon dioxide that is causing climate change.

The Treedano DApp will educate users about tree species and their full ecological value. It will also promote healthy and fun lifestyle activities like back-country hiking and geo-caching. One way to think of Treedano's mobile app is iNaturalist meets Instagram meets Strava meets ADA staking rewards.

Treedano is a true "RealFi" solution. It provides the missing link between on-chain NFTrees and real-world tree protection laws, regulations, and covenants. It accomplishes this by combining sophisticated satellite-based inventorying with regularly-scheduled "proof-of-tree" verification from our on-the-ground DApp users. Unsanctioned tree felling will result in loss of token stakes and lowered network reputation scores.

Treedano will be governed via a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that includes an ADA stake-based treasury that issues reward tokens. Treedano DApp users and tree owners are rewarded with Treedano tokens for their inventorying, conservation, and verification activities. These native tokens can be traded on Cardano's Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes).

Treedano implements the United Nations' System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) to legitimize its tokens in carbon offset markets. It avoids the cumbersome process of selling carbon credits on centralized, enterprise platforms by bringing millions of mature tree owners into the permission-less Cardano ecosystem via an easy-to-use mobile DApp.

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At the same time, Treedano allows well-funded corporations to contribute financially to the climate change struggle and promote their brands in a much less cynical way than purchasing traditional carbon offsets that promote a "pay to pollute" mindset.

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