What problem is Treedano solving?

What problem is Treedano solving?

Human activity has significantly increased the amount of carbon dioxide in earth's atmosphere which has led to dramatic climate change. [1] 99.9% of the 88,125 climate-related studies conducted between 1991 and 2020 agree with this statement. [2]

While carbon sequestration initiatives offer some promise, it is the natural carbon dioxide uptake performed by trees that is still the most important factor for reducing the rate at which climate change will occur. [3] While planting new trees is important, it comes with its own set of challenges [4]. Moreover, it will take decades for these new seedlings to reach the same carbon capture value as the estimated three trillion trees that are still in the ground around the world. [5]

Studies have shown that large trees simply capture carbon more efficiently than smaller trees. [6] They have a disproportionately positive effect on slowing down and hopefully reversing global climate change. Furthermore, mature trees anchor ecosystems, provide homes for a wide diversity of flora and fauna, as well as prevent soil erosion and related landslides. [7] They also provide a powerful sense of psychological and spiritual well-being for their human friends.

However, the only way to get monetary value out of a large tree today is to cut it down and sell it as lumber. This incentivizes deforestation.

Natural capital accounting is an emerging methodology used to counter this type of negative valuation. The United Nations recently ratified an international framework that legitimizes this approach to determining the true economic value of ecological assets like mature trees. [8]

Treedano implements natural capital accounting to tokenize large trees, reflect their true economic value, and incentivize conservation. It is a tangible deployment of the UN's System of Environmental-Economic Accounting. In short, Treedano is a decentralized mobile phone application (DApp) built on the green Cardano blockchain that issues NFTs for mature trees. You can read more about what Treedano does to conserve earth's remaining large trees in this post.

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